About Nevis

Nestled in the warm pristine waters of the Caribbean, the Island of Nevis has become an International Finance Centre (IFC). The island forms part of the unique Federation of St Kitts and Nevis with the constitutional authority to forge its own economic destiny and has always enjoyed economic and political stability. Nevis has its own legislature and finance sector that is administered by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA). English is the official language and Nevis boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

The legal system is based on the English legal tradition. There is a High Court of St Kitts and Nevis with a Puisne Judge having jurisdiction in both islands. The Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal is the appellate court for the island with the court of last resort being the Privy Council in England. Tourism is the major foreign exchange earner.

Import duties also constitute a major revenue source. With the advent of registration of International Business Companies in 1984, NIA has continuously sought to expand its economic base in the finance sector.

Nevis has several excellent international financial institutions and state of the art telecommunication facilities. International Business Companies (IBC’s) and trusts may be registered within hours. Investors are given protection from the perils of currency fluctuations as the island’s currency, the East Caribbean Dollar, is pegged to the United States dollar at EC $2.70 to US $1.00. Professional and competent attorneys, accountants, trust and asset management companies are always ready to assist the discerning customer. 

Nevis represents a true low tax area and all corporations or companies registered under the Nevis statutes enjoy complete exemption from taxes and duties on income originating outside of Nevis in addition to the waiver of exchange controls. Company Ordinances were drafted with the sophisticated international investor in mind and offer an extraordinary and unique program for incorporating and managing IBC’s.

With visionary leadership, a stable economic and political climate coupled with a commitment to the progressive development of the finance industry, Nevis is a leader in the IFC market place.

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